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Jan Bender

Bender Melodies


American Marches
Played on Our Calliope

Our CD, “Marvelous Marches”, was professionally digitally recorded, mixed, and mastered in 2003. The music is being played by punched paper “A” rolls. These marches are the original traditional arrangements that were used on the first Tangley Calliaphones.

Calliope March CD

The sound can be likened to a brass pipe organ. The tone is smooth, balanced, and (unlike the old steam calliopes), in tune! If you have not yet listened to the sound samples, click on
Our Sound.

  • Barnum and Bailey's Favorite
  • The Billboard March
  • Bombasto March
  • Repaz Band March
  • The Chariot Race March
  • King Cotton
  • On the Alert
  • Don't Give Up the Ship
  • Queen City March
  • Mark Time
  • We Saw the Sea
  • Robinson's Grand Entry March
  • Hi Henry's Triumphal March
  • The Whirl Wind Galop
  • Colonel Conway March
  • El Capitan
  • Free Lance March
  • On the Square
  • Hail, Columbia, Gem of the Ocean
  • God Bless America
  • Washington Post March
  • Semper Fidelis
  • American Patrol
  • National Emblem
  • Stars and Stripes Forever


Mixed and mastered by Bruce Kane, Sterling Productions, Sterling, Virginia
Cover design and photography by Jan Bender

To purchase our CD

US and Canada:

Send your name, mailing address, and a personal check for $13 US (this includes the CD, shipping, and any applicable taxes).

Make your check out to Terry Bender.   Send to:

Terry Bender
PO  Box 20
Great Falls, VA 22066

Foreign Addresses:

If you are reaching this website from Europe or any other address outside the US, please e-mail us for payment instructions:

The price for mailing to foreign addresses is $20 US.

We are not able to accept credit cards at this time, and we apologize for any inconvenience.


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How is a carousel organ different from a calliope?

Carousel organs, also called band organs, have wooden pipes and usually have a variety of percussion instruments in addition. Small drums and bells struck with mallets are commonly seen. Often these instruments are large and elaborately decorated with winged cherubs, lovely ladies, and stately conductors that move or play instruments. They play automatically with either punched paper rolls or heavy cardboard accordian-fold “books"” with holes. Unlike calliopes, they do not have keyboards.

Calliope with carousel horse

Our calliope was positioned near one of the artist decorated carousel horses placed around town in St. Joseph, Mich. These horses have been sold to raise money for a replica of the original carousel at Silver Beach on Lake Michigan.


A Special Moment

We know you will enjoy the quality of this peppy music. We were honored to hear that our CD was used at the funeral of a military officier who loved marches and the band organs that played on the old carousels.