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Bender Melodies

Carousel Organ Association of American
This link takes you to the current rally schedule.
The members of COAA are devoted to enjoying, preserving, and sharing knowledge of all outdoor mechanical musical instruments. They sponsor five or six large organ “rallies” each year. These rallies showcase 20 to 40 or more instruments of all sizes and types. The events are free and open to the public.
Musical Box Society International

The members of this organization collect, restore, and share knowlege of all mechanical musical items and instruments, from small (such as a musical watch) to very large (such as a Dutch Street Organ). For information about the chapter closest to you, click on the "Chapters" button at the top of their website page.
Circus World, Baraboo, Wisconsin

Circus World preserves the history and experience of the circus in America. There is an excellent museum, a research library, restored circus wagons, and a real circus, complete with live calliope in the circus parade. A must see for young and old alike!
Miner Company, Kirksville, Missouri

Our special calliope was made by Miner Manufacturing in Donnellson, Iowa. Following Dave Miner's death in 2008, the successor company is called Miner Company, headed by Dan Dohman, a 22 year emplyee of Dave's. In addition to making several kinds of calliopes and vehicles, they make a variety of other things including popcorn wagons. The National Zoo in Washington, DC has one of the large popcorn wagons.
John Haskey has posted an excellent page about his CA 53 Calliaphone build by Miner Manufacturing. It has mechanical information and nice detailed photos of the inner workings. This Calliaphone also has a MIDI interface in addition to playing with punched paper rolls.
Conestoga Buildings, New Holland, Pennsylvania
Where do you store a calliope in a 12 ft. tall trailer? Well, we had to have a special garage built. Conestoga Buildings [CB Structures] builds quality post and frame garages and pole barns, as well as commercial and agricultural buildings in the Mid-Atlantic states. They are contractors who provide a total package of design, engineering, and construction. We are delighted with the building they built for us.
The Arts and Crafts period design of our calliope case and the stained glass in the doors reflects the popular design in home furnishings at the time Tangley calliopes were first produced. This link will take you to a brief explanation of the movement and style.
Knoebels Amusement Park, Elysburg, Pennsylvania
This is an old fashioned amusement park. Admission is free and you pay as you ride, play, eat, etc. They even have a collection of band organs to entertain their visitors. This is a highly recommended destination. The Carousel Organ Association has a band organ rally there every other year. The most recent one was in June 2021.


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