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If you have a question or would like to talk with me about my street organs or performing at your event, please feel free to contact me. Be sure to include the words “organ grinder ” in your e-mail subject line.




Terry Bender
PO Box 20
Great Falls, VA 22066



Terry took piano lessons as a child, played percussion with a concert band for a time, and now plays drum set with the combo “Just Friends”.
His interest in instruments that produce music mechanically (ie with punched paper, punched cardboard books, pinned cylinders, and punched discs) began with the music of the carousel in his childhood.

Terry is a member of Friends of the German Street Organ, the Carousel Organ Association of America, and the Musical Box Society International (see Links page). In addition to being well known in the National Capital area as an organ grinder, Terry and his wife, Jan, also provide entertainment with Bender's Circus Calliope for larger venue events.

Waterford Fair

At Lovettesville


Cathedral Flower Mart

At Cathedral Flower Mart

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At Bluemont Fair
The Bluemont Fair as it opens on a beautiful day.
Bluemont Fair
Terry explains how the
organ uses punched paper rolls to produce the tunes.