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Organ Grinder Appearances

March 2
11:30 AM- 3:30PM


Culpeper Carnival

An all day family friendly Mardi Gras sponsored by Culpeper Renaissance.

April 28
3 PM - 6 PM
Spring Break in Sykesville (with classic cars)
Millard Cooper Park

Sykesville, Maryland
May 3 - 4
10 AM - 4 PM
80th Annual Flower Mart
Washington National Cathedral
Washington, DC

May 26
11AM - 3 PM

C & O Canal National Historical Park
Potomac, Maryland

The 23nd Annual demonstration of street organs and antique music boxes by the National Capital Chapter of the Musical Box Society International.

June 20

Appletree II Preschool Childcare Center
Private Event

Organ Grinder Appearances

May 4 - 5
10 AM - 4 PM

79th Annual Flower Mart-
Washington National Cathedral
Washington, DC

Cathedral 2018

May 19
9 AM - 3 PM

Warrenton Spring Festival
Warrenton, Virginia

Unfortunately, a forecast of significant rain all day meant Terry could not play at the Festival this year.

May 27
11 AM - 3 PM

C & O Canal National Historical Park
Potomac, Maryland

This was the 22nd Annual demonstration of street organs and antique music boxes by the National Capital Chapter of the Musical Box Society International.

New Organ 2018

The museum was sandbagged and the canal was partially closed due to repairs and threats of flash floods, but many visitors were able to hear and see Terry's new Raffin Organ.

June 9
10 AM - 2 PM

Village Market "Kids Day"
Inn at Little Washington
Washington, Virginia


Saturday, Sunday
June 16-17

Bender's Circus Calliope
Knoebels Amusement Resort
Elysburg, PA
Organ Rally presented by the Carousel Organ
Association of America

July 4
8-10 AM

Independence Day 
Little Patriots Parade

Great Falls, Virginia

Sept. 15-16
10AM - 4PM

49th Annual Bluemont Fair
Bluemont, Virginia

Despite threats of rain from the approach of hurricane Florence and waterlogged fields from days of rain, the fair was a success. Terry was under a picnic roof in the "Kids Fair" area.

Oct. 5,6
10 AM - 4 PM

74th Waterford Fair
Waterford, Virginia

On Friday, many classes from Waterford Elementary visted the fair. They enjoyed the music, the antics of the mechanical animals, and learned about how this street organ works.

Oct. 13
10 AM - 4 PM

Taste of Brunswick
Traditional Brunswick Stew Competition & Fair
Southside Community College
Alberta, Virginia

CANCELLED due to weather

Oct. 14
Noon - 5PM

Kentlands Oktoberfest
Kentlands, Maryland
(City of Gaithersburg)

Kentlands Okoberfest 2018
Despite an early shower, all the families had fun!  In this photo, Terry uses the stops on his organ to change the ranks of pipes that are playing, thus changing the sound as he plays.


Dec. 8

Noon- 3 PM

Merry Christmas in Cooper Park
Sykesville, Maryland

A free community event sponsored by
Friendship Baptist Church

Sykesville Xmas 
It was a cold day, but all of the families enjoyed the many activities, food, warm drinks, and music provided by Friendship Baptist Church.



G-20 World Bank and IMF Spring Meetings
Washington, DC
Germany chaired the 2017 G-20 Meetings
(Entertainment Exchange, Silver Spring, Maryland)
G20 Meeting 
 Waiting for the cue to begin playing German music.
A family, members of a German schuhplattler dance group at the Kentlands, MD Oktoberfest, listen to the music of the German street organ.
In 2012, The Cathedral Flower Mart honored Jamaica. The Kingston College Chapel Choir of men and boys performed several times each day. Here they meet Terry and listen to the music of the street organ, something they had not seen before. Jamaican Choir at Cathedral
2015 was Terry's 20th year at the National Cathedral Flower Mart. The little girl in pink kept calling out "More, More!" whenever he stopped playing.

Nat'l Cathedral



Terry and wife, Jan, at the 21st annual demonstration of street organs and antique music boxes by the National Capital Chapter of the Musical Box Society International.

C & O Canal National Historical Park
Potomac, Maryland

C&O Canal
Terry joined the Fox 5 team for a morning pep rally outside Nats Park.

At the Bluemont, Virginia fair, Terry explains how the organ works and the connection between looms, weaving, and mechanical musical instruments. (The Bluemont area weavers, and the llamas and alpacas from nearby farms are in the tents.) Bluemont Fair
At the C&O Canal Historical Park in Maryland, Terry played as the canal boat went on down the canal after going through the lock.

C& O Canal Park

For this 2009 world exclusive performance at the Waterford Fair, Terry, cranking the street organ, and Mark Jaster, playing musical saw, were joined by Mark's wife, Sabrina, playing cymbal. With Mark & Sabrina Jaster
Over the years, the tree by the Post Office has grown and now provides all day shade for Terry and pleasant pause for the many folks who attend the Warrenton Spring Festival.
Dancing to the Clarinet Polka at the Warrenton Fair.
Netherlands Ambassador,
Mr. Christiaan
M. J. Kröner listens to Terry play a march at the Netherlands Embassy celebration honoring the Queen's birthday, May 2008.
At Netherlands Embassy

Terry talks with scouts at the
C & O Canal about the history and traditions of organ grinders.

C& O Canal, Maryland

Thousands enjoy typically perfect weather at the Bluemont Fair each year. “Big Daddy's” is a favorite food stop, and people can eat while they listen to the happiest music on earth!

Bluemont Fair, Bluemont, Virginia

Dancing the polka at the Bluemont Fair. Dancing in Bluemont

The Panda at the National Zoo's Guppy Gala danced to "Rock Around the Clock".


National Zoo
Visitors from the Civil War stopped by to listen on their way through Waterford during the Fair.

Like kids everywhere, these girls were excited to see the organ grinder.

Waterford Fair

Kentlands Oktoberfest, Kentlands, Maryland
(City of Gaithersburg)


Kentlands, MD
Members of a German schuhplattler dance group listen to the music of the German street organ.

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Wastel the Monkey

Terry and Preston-Waterford
Photo by Ron Hall

Other Events With Organ Grinders

Summer, Fall 2018
Both the Carousel Organ Association of America and chapters of the Musical Box Society International sponsor events with street organs of all sizes and types. Go to my LINKS page for links to their websites.

June 2020
Waldkirch, Germany

This historic village, renowned in street organ maker circles, is filled with street organs of all sizes, from the huge Dutch organs to the small busker organs. This festival is held every three years and is worth the trip.


World Exclusive Performance of Duo

Mark Jaster & Terry Bender

In what is believed to be a world exclusive in instrumental duos, Mark Jaster, Washington, DC's favorite mime, plays his musical saw along with Terry's street organ at the Waterford Fair.







Terry at Cathedral








Terry with Parrot











Washington Cathedral





Washington Cathedral






Washington Cathedral